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GoDaddy sucks

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A few years ago I tried to use godaddy for java web hosting (using the Deluxe plan; their Economy plan does not support java). It was the cheapest option I found, and a relatively big name, I figured they must do a decent job. I also found a couple of articles from users explaining that they had some problems with java hosting at godaddy, but I decided to give it a try anyway.

Well, those articles were right. Godaddy uses a very weird setup, based on tomcat. I got a folder in which to put everything... static files, php, servlets, jsp, java web applications etc. The folder itself was a web application, but I could put other web applications in subfolders. It didn't always work, and it was extremely confusing. Also there was no way to restart a web application, I had to wait for the daily tomcat restart (which restarted everything). Nothing more pleasant than waiting 24 hours for the next error message.

And yes, there were plenty of problems. First, the only kind of logging that worked for me was logging to a database (they don't allow writing to files and not even standard output). I even had to modify a library so that all the output would only go to the database logger. It took me many days to get that working, so that I could finally see... some relevant error messages and stack traces.

And then I hit all the security restrictions they had set in tomcat. Most of them affected the use of reflection in java. Again this required repeatedly modifying my code and also some library code, to work around the problems. And remember, 24 hours for seeing the result of every single change. Even more than that, sometimes tomcat didn't restart and I had to wait 2 days, and sometimes it stopped and didn't restart, so everything was down for hours.

Naturally, I contacted godaddy support about several of these problems. They always took their time, around 12 hours to get a reply, and the responses made me lose any kind of hope in humanity. 99% of them were more stupid, unrelated and nonsensical than I had ever thought possible. I'm convinced that I would get MUCH better support from a donkey or a tree.

Finally, I left a message on the godaddy boss's blog (where he always shows off how successful he is and pays pretty girls to just be around him), and got a reply from the "Office of the President". I explained them the problems I encountered and how the support was worse than useless, but their response was not satisfactory in any shape or form. Then I wrote this:

Well, try to imagine this situation:
You're walking on the street, and suddenly you get attacked by a guy who cuts your neck with a knife.
Still alive, you manage to get to a hospital. You fill in a form describing what happened and that blood is gushing out of your neck, then sit down and wait.
After 15 hours, a doctor can finally see you. He checks the form then gives you one of the following answers:

Afterwards he releases you and asks you to come back the next day if you still have a problem.
Finally, if you manage to bandage your neck by yourself, then the doctor says you are perfectly healthy and asks if there is anything else he can do.

If you can imagine this situation, then you can understand how I was treated and how I felt.

There was no reply after that.

Anyway, I managed to work around many of the problems by myself, but there was one security restriction that was wrongly affecting my code. I suspected it might have something to do with a bug in the java virtual machine (they were still using java 5 although java 6 had already been released for a long time). I couldn't find any way to work around it, other than rewriting the whole application and dropping one main library, in order to eliminate every use of reflection, even the most harmless kind. That was not acceptable; I made one more attempt to contact support, and they replied explaining how to set up the site for JSP (which I never used and had absolutely nothing to do with anything I ever told them).

So finally I decided to give up on godaddy. It is worse than hopeless. I'm still using godaddy for cheap domain names and SSL certificates, I haven't had any problems with them. But I'll never use any of their other services.

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Tomcat support on GoDaddy sucks balls!!!

08 Mar 2011

It was a crap shoot each time the server reset wether or not my code would have acess to the jars in the lib directory. I would tell them about it and they would send me some bs about how to configure my web.xml file for jsp's. On the days it was working I would call and make them note that the site was up so that when I called them the next day when the site was down I could explain to them that I had not changed anything and that the site did not come back up after the server reset. I ended up calling them clownshoes, and swithced to mochasupport which has AWESOME java support.

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12 Mar 2010

Dude, you really shouldn't expect godaddy to debug your application for free.

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Re: Support

18 Mar 2010

The problems were not in my application. Well, you could argue that the first dozen or so security errors were my fault since I have to adapt to the environment. The problems were in a library I was using, and I didn't expect them to debug it for me, I just expected them not to make it EXCESSIVELY HARD to debug.
And the last one was really unreasonable. From my email records, it looks like it was something about Method.getAnnotation throwing AccessControlException. It makes it impossible to check for annotations on methods. I suspected it was due to Sun bug no. 6370080. But there was noone who could understand anything I wrote. I probably could have sent them the lyrics to the Chinese national anthem and get the same nonsensical response.


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